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Delphi 1.0 networking


 Since a few weeks we have a network here at home (we're with three students
 with one P233/Win95 system (mine) and two 486/Win3.11 systems.
 Included standard with Win3.11 is Microsoft Chat, which doesn't work in
 I thought, using Delphi, I could write my own program that could be used on
 all our machines.
 We don't have a server, just 3 machines connected with eachother.
 I have searched the Internet thoroughly (or so I think) but I can't find
 units/components that are a) Delphi 1.0 compatible, b) not server-dedicated
and c)
 work at all.
 My question to you is, do you have or know a place where I can obtain such

Thanks in advance,

  Serge Regoor
  e-mail :
  WWW :


Re:Delphi 1.0 networking

Well, this is outside my area. But I would think that you are just wanting to
write a "chat" program you should be able to have a DDE Client and DDE Server
routine within the program. This way it would both initiate and receive inbound
text. You could *assign* user name's so that in your code it would check
 if DDE_PacketUserName = UserName then
  (send to your output source)
 ignore it

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