BDE′s problem with huge string field′s (interbase)

Hi everbody,

i have a strange problem with the BDE 4.0, here accessing
an interbase table (resp. stroed-proc) which has a varchar
field with a length of 1000.

In this string we collect dynamically some data and calc-results,
because we cant do this with a fixed field-definition.
If the SP now collects some data up to a length of approx. 500 chars,
everything will be allright.
But if the result string will be larger (i think, its the magic
512 char size), the BDE retrieves an Interbase Exception with
"string truncation".

I believe, that the BDE tries to fetch data from IB with a maximum
field size of 512. And if the IB-fieldsize is bigger than this,
the above exception will raise.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Thomas Geisel