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I'm looking for a tutorial about local SQL for Delphi in Paradox. Would you
know where i could find one with exemples ?

Many thanks


Re:Local SQL tutorial Paradox

On Tue, 21 Dec 1999 10:40:20 +0100, "Fabrice Labrousse"

<> wrote:
>I'm looking for a tutorial about local SQL for Delphi in Paradox. Would you
>know where i could find one with exemples ?

I am not aware of any tutorial specifically dedicated to the BDE's
implementation of SQL for Paradox and dBASE (known as "local SQL"). It is a
subset of SQL-92, so most third-party books will help some there. Here are
two. The first presents the information in a step-by-step tutorial of
incrementally increasing complexity. The second is more of a quick

  Understanding the New SQL, a Complete Guide
  Jim Melton & Alan R. Smith
  Morgan Kaufmann, 1993
  ISBN: 1-55860-245-3

  SQL Instant Reference
  Martin Gruber
  Sybex, 1993
  ISBN: 0-7821-1148-3

Then there is the local SQL online help itself. I rewrote this help file
almost in its entirety concurrent with the development of Delphi 4. I
ensured that every statement, clause, and function had its own topic and
the each topic had at least one example. Many topics have more than one
source example. This help file is a language reference of the local SQL
implementation (subset) of SQL-92. The copy of this file that came with BDE
4.x (and earlier versions) was outdated and has since been rewritten.
Updated copies will have the topic "Unsupported language" in the index (and
lack of this topic indicates a pre-update copy). I can e-mail you a copy of
the updated file if you need and desire it.

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