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Help needed with Var's definition

What is the maximum allowed length of the name identifier for Variables and
Constants within Delphi4.

Also with a value like 8.75 should the variable get defined as a 'real' or
'float' or what ?

I want the value to be stored in the var with the decimal point.
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Re:Help needed with Var's definition

The information you are seeking is in the Object Pascal Language Guide which
is shipped as a .pdf file on your D4 CD. Variable names, I believe, are
limited to 255 characters but must be unique in the first 32 characters.
There are several variable types for floating point numbers. Double is a
good choice for general purpose use. Use Currency if you are working with
values that have less than four digits to the right of the decimal and you
wish to avoid floating point imprecision in the fractional part of the
value. Currency is stored as a scaled 64 bit integer.


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