I am trying to set the MinValue MaxValue for some TFields
(TintegerFiled, TFloatFields, etc) programmatically using a BDE
function DbiGetVchkDesc (  hCursor : hDBICur;  iValSeqNo: Word;
pvalDesc : pVCHKDesc): DBIResult stdcall;
I have no problem getting the info into VCHKDesc, the only problem is
the Min and Max values for each field are stored as Byte arrays,
(DBIVCHK), so does anybody have any idea how to extract this info into
the appropriate format ( integer, float), or what format the data is
stored in the byte array as.
 VCHKDesc is a packed record containing Validity Check information
about the particular field as stored in the Paradox Table. This
function is called when the Table itself is initialised, in DB.PAS,
to retrieve information on whether the field is a Required field or
not. Any ideas on why the Min\Max values for that field are not
initialised here by Delphi - is this a bug.

Thanks in advance,


Oisn Murch.