Distributing DCUs without source

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>>Using the unit(s) in applications on my system works fine.  However, I
>>need to be able to distribute only the DCUs w/o source; all attempts to do
>>so fail!

>>If I add the unit name to the 'uses' clause in a CRT app, I get a compiler
>>error '; expected', even though it's there.  The error occurs no matter
>>where in the clause I place the unit name.

>Tried something like this ...   ?

>  SysUtils, WinTypes, WinProcs, Messages, Classes, Graphics, Controls,
>  Forms, Dialogs,
>  OpString,
>  TzNdx, TzParser, TzCommon, dbf4, strUtils, StdCtrls, Buttons, ExtCtrls;

>It's just a snip out off one of my projects. I'm quiet sure Delphi can't
>find the source for the Opstring, TzNDX, TzParser, TzCommon and Dbf4

>REMEMBER : a  , between units, a ; after the last one.

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Remember to turn off the debugging information when you generate the DCU or
Delphi will go looking for the source file when you try to build a client
app...also debugging wont work very well.

Dave Fiddes