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ADO Newbie OS question

Hi All,

I use D5.0 Ent to MS SQL2000 Server.
I have a small App that copies a few records between tables.
At Work I have a Win98 2nd Edition workstation.
At home I have Win 2000 Server SP2 workstation.
I sent a project home to do a bit of work and I get error:
'EOleException with message "Unspecified Error"' at runtime.
At work everything is fine. At home connection works to dataset fine at design time but gives error at runtime.
In the CPU debug window it tells me that the error happens in
TAdoDataset.DoConnect. Can anyone help me to overcome this?

John Trenton


Re:ADO Newbie OS question

Found the problem. ADOConnection was trying to access my dailup connection
to the internet while I was connected and Nortons Internet Security was
stopping it.
It does seem strange that the ADOConnection looks to the internet before
resloving a local database connection.

Can anyone shed some light on this?


John Trenton.

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