TDBCtrlGrid Problem

Hi all -

I am using a TDBCtrlGrid attached to a TDataSource.  My DataSource has an
OnStateChange event.  When I hit the TDBCtrlGrid insert key (Ctrl-Ins) or
press my insert button which does a 'DBCtrlGrid1.DoKey(gkAppend)', my
OnStateChange event gets properly activated.  

However, when I either press my down arrow to enter into a new row or press
the ScrollBar's Down Arrow to put me into a new row, my OnStateChange event
is NOT activated causing my programs to have all sorts of problems.  

In all four cases, DBCtrlGrids.AllowInsert = True, and in the
DataSource.AfterInsert event, the DataSource.state = dsInsert.

Can anyone help me out?!?

Thanx in advance!