Exception EOleSysError, Class not registered???


I'm currently developing an application that should be installed on another
computer than the one I'm developing it on.

The application is a database application that uses BDE.

I've use InstallShield Express to make the install-disks. I've also
included BDE in the installer.

When I run setup from the disks I've created in the remote machine it
installes perfectly (I think).
The moment when I start the application I get an error message
(EOleSysError) and the program quits:

        Application Error
Exception EOleSysError in module EGOS.EXE at 00053412
Class not Registered

If I install Delphi on the remote system the program works fine. So I think
there must be something I forgot while making the install disks with
InstallShield. I've checked everything, but can't figure out what is wrong
with the installation diskettes. I guess I have forgotten to include some
kind of registry entry in InstallShield, but I can't find any help on this.

Does the problem sound familiar and does anyone have a suggestion on this?

Many thanks,