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iSmart People.com is a 'new' career, contract and professional resource site for Enterprise Web, e-Commerce and Client/Server technology professionals: http://www.ismartpeople.com

iSmart People.com in just a few days (September 9th)  will offer our iSmart Center where you can share technical problems and solutions and correspond with your peers across the continent. Through our technical forums, we will host on going discussion topics such as OO Design and Development, OS/2 Configuration, Java Development,  Web Development topics. Unix/Linux Administration, Database Development, CORBA, Windows Solutions, Linux Web Integration, Internet/Intranet Integration and e-Commerce integration moderated forums, where you don't have to worry about unsolicited postings interrupting professional discussions (like this one). In addition, if you don't like the forums provided you can create your own and invite participants.

We're live now for you to register your professional profile and skills 'Showcase for 1000's of opportunities that will go live on September 20th, when we activate the Hiring Company branch of iSmart People.com

Whether you're an active career or contract seeker or just keeping your options open, create a skills 'Showcase' with us at http://www.ismartpeople.com and keep in tune with what your skills command across the US and Canada. You can rest assured that all of your personal and contact information is secure. In addition, you can select our '100% confidentiality' feature to keep your name, number and e-mail private. Our iSmart Notification feature will bring the careers or contracts from 100's of premier employers to your attention. iSmart automatically maps your skills requirements at the dollars you specify and in the location(s) of your choice. Consider us your 24 hour on-line agent with your skills, confidentiality and interests always top in mind.

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