Variables in CodeSegment & Interrupt handling

I need to figure out how to reference variables within the code segment
as I am trying to swap as much out of memory as possible yet still have a
simple Interrupt portion running.

I want to reference these variables from both Pascal and the Assembler
stuff and I can't use Turbo Pascal's DataSegment.

In the Main .PAS file I have tried to write some code to see if I could
get it to be at the beginning of the code:

Program Test;

Procedure SpecialStuff; Assembler;
 db '***', $FE, $FE, $FE, $FE, $FE, $FE, $FE, $FE, $FE, '***'    { 15 }
 db 0          { On/Off flag }
 db 0          { some other flag }
 db 0,0,0,0    {old int 8}

{  Since I no longer have a DataSegment, I decided to try indexing stuff
in another procedure.  I don't have any real ASM experience so this is a
bit of a challenge.    I want to be able to access some or all of the
data from Pascal code in the rest of the program.  I also may/maynot need
a stack segment (not entirely sure yet) }

Procedure NewInt8; Assembler;
  { Will put code here }

Procedure Marker_End; Assembler;
  db 'END_OF_ASM'

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