Delphi 5 and exporting Memo fields from Oracle to DBase

Before we upgraded to Delphi 5, we were able to run a procedure using Delphi
that would take a SQL query containing varchar2(2000) length fields and dump
them into a DBase table with no problem.  Now that we are using Delphi 5,
the table has a field for the memo, but it simply says [Memo].  Any ideas
what might have changed, and how we can fix this?

This is what the procedure does:

the component qryPrayer is a TQuery, pulling data from an Oracle 7.3
there is also a TTable component PrayerExport, which has a tableType of
ttDbase and a tableName of export.db

procedure TfrmCallExport.ExportBtnClick(Sender: TObject);
     qryExec.Params[0].Asinteger := qryCac.fields[0].asinteger;
     qryExec.Params[1].AsDate := strtodate(txtDate.text);
     if qryExec.EOF then
       MessageBox('No letters are Marked for the entered date.', mtError);

     ExportDataSet(qryExec, ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName) +

     PrayerExport.tablename := ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName) +
     qryPrayer.Params[0].Asinteger := qryCac.fields[0].asinteger;
     qryPrayer.Params[1].AsDate := strtodate(txtDate.text);

   ShowMessage('Export file completed');