Odd Behaviour With MS Access SQL Links Driver vs ODBC Driver

I created an empty database using MS Access.  I then populated the database
with tables from a Delphi TQuery using SQL scripts.  The Delphi program used
the BDE native driver for Access 97.  Everything appeared OK in MS Access 97
when I viewed the results of the table operations.

When I view the tables using SQL Explorer and look at the primary key
fields, they are wrong.  SQL Explorer is sorting the field names
alphabetically.  If I had a table with a primary key field consisting of 2
data fields, then SQL Explorer shows the first 2 alphabetically sorted
fields as primary fields, rather than the real 2 primary fields.

I then set up a ODBC DSN and BDE alias.  Now under SQL Explorer I see the
primary key fields displayed properly.

Does anyone know what is happening?


Al Willis