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Using a Microsoft Access .mdb file

    Delphi 4 Professional, using IS Express for Delphi 4 to create
installshield, which
    includes a FULL BDE installation, including IDDAO3032.dll, etc... Using
a TDatabase
    component to control access to the DB, using Queries to get information
from the database.
    TDatabase is configured with DriverName 'MSACCESS' . I use the params to
    to the .mdb filename of the database, including the username and

    On an empty machine, which does not have microsoft access, I can install
and access
my database just fine... On a development machine running Delphi 4 and
Access 97, I can
get at my .MDB file just fine. However, on a machine that has some other
programs on it that
are using DAO, when I run the install, then run the program, I get the
following error message:

Failed to load an IDAPI Service Library
File: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO3032.DLL

At first, I looked and saw that only DAO35's DLL was in the DAO directory,
so I changed
my IS Express installshield to include that file, and after re-installing, I
verified that that file
does exist, and then rebooted. As an added measure, I copied all of the
ID*.DLL files and
DAO*.DLL files to \WINDOWS\SYSTEM to make sure they were in the path and
again...Still no luck. This works on every 'plain vanilla' machine I Can
find, but doesn't work
on this one machine thats got something odd going on on it. This machine
does NOT have Microsoft Access installed on it.



Re:Using a Microsoft Access .mdb file

scratch that.
I found the problem was that my program was using DAO 3.0, and some other
program had loaded DAO 3.5 on it, and the two are not mutually exclusive. I
my BDEADMIN driver setting for MS ACcess to use 3.5, and all works fine.

Sorry 'bout the waste of disk for this message.

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