Date conversion using TQuery and MSSQL 6.5

I have the following problem.

Using a parameterised TQuery component in Delphi 4 C/S (BDE 5.0) I want to
add a record to a table in MS-SQL 6.5 database. This record contains a
datetime field.

The query look like this:

insert into plu (artnr, begindate) values (:ArtNr, :BeginDate)

The parameters are set with .Params[0].AsString and Params[1].AsDateTime so
the parameter types should be correct.

The following problem now occurs: The SQL query thats send to the SQL
server has "25 Mrz 1999 14:50:0.000" as the date. This is a German short
month name. I myself am working on a Dutch NT Workstation and the server is
installed in English (for testing purposes on a Dutch NT Workstation too).
The server does not accept this date of course because it does not recognise
Mrz as the short name for March.

As far as I can tell it is the BDE that does this date translation. but I
cant understand why it translates the date on my Dutch Workstation to a
German name (language is set to Dutch of course). Also I cant find how to
change this behaviour of the BDE.

Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong?

Please send your answer to and/or since I
cannot read the newsgroups every day.