Corrupted printing !@#$%

I use W98, D3 and QR20k, Epson LQ-300 with latest drivers for W98 from
Sometimes (1 of 5) printed reports (only QRLabel, QRImage and QRShape
(horizontal lines), no bands) are corrupted:

1. Some of QRImage is missing (nothing of image is printed)
2. While printing, printer corrupts graphic and starts to print in char
mode, then resynchronizes and continues to print in graphic mode (if I print
report 2nd time, the corruption is in the same place)
3. Sometimes printed result is higher then prewiev (everything is higher or
some extra empty rows are added)

Preview of reports is always OK. I have changed printers, cables,
computers - nothing helps ! I have seen disappearing of QRImages from
reports in different Delphi apps and different printers (HP DJ/LJ,
Canon,...). Corruption occures only while Delphi application prints. MS
Word, Excel, Adobe Photoshop,... and other print OK and that's why my
customers (and I too) think it is my App's/QR problem.

Any suggestions, links...?

Thank you for your interest in my problem...