Newbie needs help with ReportSmith

I am a relative newbie to ReportSmith, can anyone help me

What I am trying to acheive is this :-

I have a table which I want to create a report on.
The table contains several dates fields and some currency

The report should be in two sections, the first section is
all the rows in the table in which one of the date fields
is null and the second section should contain all the rows
in which the same date field is not null.

Is there a way to do this ? I had a look around for some
way to add more than one detail section to a columnar report
with no success.

Also the sorting, selection and database grouping buttons on the
report query dialog box are grayed out. Is this because I am
using a single table in my report. ?

I would be grateful for any replies on these matters. Email
would be best because I don't have a reliable connection to


Darran Gaskell OR