Help needed with the EXEC & Window command in BP7

I hope someone can help me with this,
I've wrote a program in TP7 that executes different
archivers/unarchivers. I also have a window setup and all
output from the archivers/unarchivers is displayed in that window.

I have now tried to Compile/Run it from BP7 and this is where my
problems start.
If I compile it in REAL Mode the archiver ACE comes up with a DPMI
And if I compile it in protected mode I dont get any output from any
archiver displayed in the window I set up.

As you can proberly gather I havent used BP7 before I have always
stuck with TP.
Has anyone got any Ideas where Im going wrong.
and is there any information I can download explaining how and when
I should use REAL/PROTECTED memory.