CGI and win-CGI freeware components

New freeware Version of CGI Expert at

Lars Akerman Software is e{*word*277}d to announce the release of a new freeware
release of CGI Expert. CGI Expert is a component suite for Delphi (Std, Pro
or C/S version) and C++Builder that makes interactive dynamic Web content
as simple as dropping a component on to a form. Following features are

- Compability with almost every windows based webserver on the market
- Simultaneously supports the CGI, win-CGI interfaces (The same application
can run both CGI and Win-CGI)
- Html database tables and BDE database interfacing
- Automatic form variable handling
- Dynamic HTML document updating
- Live CGI debugging tools for use from within Delphi 2.0, 3.0 and C++
- Supports Delphi 2, Delphi 3 and C++Builder
- A lot of other functionality

Here are some response from users that have been working with previous
versions of CGI Expert:

"I really like the ease of which I can use CGIExpert. Thanks for this great
software Lars." Steve W, USA

"Your components kick some CGI butt!!!! I would like to receive the
registered version as soon as possible! " . Jim M, USA

 ".. let me congratulate you on it again. It is a great set  of components!
As soon as I get something I can pass on to someone working over the
internet - you will be the first person I call." Dan S, USA.

"I found that your CGI Expert Delphi Component is very good stuff", Chen R,

"I love your controls! They really make CGI & ISAPI easy." Scott H, USA.

"Thanks for developing something that makes my life easier. I cannot wait
to receive the registered version from your distributor." Chuck G, USA.

"You have a great product! I was so happy to find your product. I was just
about to buy Cyclone or Web Hub when I found CGI Expert." Darryl W. USA.

Lars Akerman