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Controls shifted by Windows Small/Large fonts

In article <>, writes:
>I thought I had a resolution-related problem that caused my dbedit controls to
>shift to the right at different resolutions but it turns out that I've got the
>resolution changes accounted for. What I can't figure out is how to control the
>shifting that occurs when designing with small windows fonts and running on a
>system set to use large windows fonts. When I start the project and the
>controls are shifted, the .wfm shows the correct (original) .Left positions but
>clicking on the control and examining the Object Inspector shows a shifted
>number. Can someone point me in the right direction on this?

I don't usually reply to my own posts but since I found a way to fix it I
thought I'd mention it for anyone else with the same problem. Let's see, what
was it . . . something to do with scaling the form-- even though I wasn't
changing the dimensions at run time. I set FORM.SCALED to FALSE which stopped
the creep. Also, I am now careful to design/develop in the same resolution. It
seems to have something to do with PixelsPerInch which changes as necessary
when the project loads. If you save the project without even changing anything,
postions can be changed. FORM.SCALED := FALSE stops that from happening. Most
of this is my rough translation of info in DFAQHLP2.ZIP.

Dave Hunt
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Re:Controls shifted by Windows Small/Large fonts

This has been bedeviling a lot of us, including me. Another
poster suggests the Scaled property of the forms, and that
may be the key. i'll be testing it shortly and reporting.
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