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Chaining Stored Procedures in Master/Detail

I have an application where I want to use TADOStoredProc for
my datasets. I have a datasource hooked to my master StoredProc
and the children StoredProc specify the master datasource as
their datasource. Then I have a DataSetProvider hooked to the
master dataset. Then I have ClientDataSets hooked to the
datasetprovider. I want to supply the parameter for the
Main Stored procedure through the Master Client Data Set and
have it properly feed through to all the corresponding Stored Procedure datasets. This is not something that will happen.
Is there a way to make this happen, other than rewriting the
ADODB unit?


Re:Chaining Stored Procedures in Master/Detail

Issue resolved. I now have a TADOStoredProc component that can
be used with ClientDataSet and parameters cascade down to child
stored procedures through the datasetprovider. The
TADOStoredProc also has some added objects to allow for updating
/inserting/deleting through associated stored procedures at
BeforeUpdateRecord time. I will post the limited use components
on CodeCentral for anyone else who is interested in using it.

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