Help finding 'paint' method for TCustomTreeview

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997 17:00:47 +1100, David Lacey <>

>If anyone can help me with this one I will be most grateful. I am
>looking to make a component based on a TCustomTreeView, but I cannot for
>the life of me find the pascal file containing the source code for the
>'paint' method on a CustomTreeView. For that matter I can't find the
>paint method for the 'TTreeNodes' either.

Tree views, like the other common controls, are handled by the
operating system (specifically, by COMCTL32.DLL). The Delphi wrappers
don't do anything as far as drawing, etc.

The more recent versions of the common controls support something
called Custom Draw. However, this isn't included in the Delphi
wrappers, so you have to use direct API functions to implement Custom
Draw in your applications. The information you need is in MSDN, and
possibly also on the Microsoft web site.