Oracle/ODBC/D2 -> Insert Error

each time I do an update / insert an Error is risen:  "Operation on
applicable" I used TUpdateSQL and TQuery.
Without TUpdate, it runs (therefore I need no SQLStatements/TUpdateSql).

NKEY in Delphi is FLOAT or INTEGER
NKEY in the Database is Number
CDESC is string
insert into TEST   (NKEY,CDESC)  values    (:NKEY,:CDESC) -> error
insert into TEST   (NKEY,CDESC)  values    (1,:CDESC) - runs great

The same happens with Update.
Config: Oracle 7.3, ODBC, Delphi 2.01 Developer, TCP/IP

If I choose IBLocal as Backend it works.
Also the sample under Demos\DB\CACHUPD runs succesfuly except I choose
ORACLE as Backend ( result see above).

Can somebody send me a snip of code, how this works?
Or point me in the right direction...

  -Dieter Soergel

05/23/97 20:36
Using: OUI PRO from