Access violation in VCL50.BPL, CONFIRMED!

This also happens to me once in a while I would say once a week or so.  I
usually have to end Delphi and then start up again an it fixes the problem.
rarely I have rebooted.  I can't figure out how I am causing it but I will
also testify that it does happen.

Jake Anderson

"Jim Hargis" <> wrote in message

> The problem will re-occur.  I have the SAME problem on Delphi5/Win98 (see
> attached).  Last VCL50.BPL A.V. I received was yesterday.  Might be
> to the "pre-compile" of the source ; i.e. it appears to happen after the
> "Source Code Explorer" locks up, usually on compile or quit.  It also
> worse when disk space is low.

>  It is very intermittent: I had a week when it wouldn't happen, then would
> occur several times a day; usually clearing up with a cold-start.  The
> response I received was "cannot reproduce".  Please submit it to Borland
> their records, but don't expect any response.  Some of the Borland/Germany
> people have been very interested in tracking this down, but they can't do
> anything without a reproducible set of actions which lead to the error.

> --

> Jim Hargis
> GIS Engineering Services

> "Jud McCranie" <> wrote in message
> > Jud McCranie <> wrote:

> > >I have started getting many access violation errors when I try
> > >to compile in Delphi 5.  I've rebooted and reinstalled the
> > >update pack, but I get several errors of the type:

> > >Access violation at address 40004b3c in module VCL50.BPL.  Read
> > >of address FFFFFFFF (and FFFFFFF9 and FFFFFFFA).  Also, the same
> > >thing at address 4000EEB7 - read of address 06c38000.  I get
> > >several of these when I xompile, but after I get past them, it
> > >compiles.

> > >How can I correct this?

> > After I restarted and after I reloaded Delphi I still had the
> > problem.  After I did a complete shutdown, the problem cleared
> > up.

> > Jud McCranie