Delphi 4 to 7 problem with borlndmm.dll


I know I read some post on borlndmm.dll problem.

My problem is not the same, I think...

I received my copy of Delphi 7 pro.... I have some D4 Projects than I update
to D7, all compile/run correct. My problem is when I close these projects I
get many errors in repetition... like :
'Invalid pointer operation'
'Access Violation at adress... borlndmm.dll'.

I use Dll in these projects, so I think is the reason of the problem, but
how to correct ??
Any hints to know where search ?
Any D4 function was changed for Dll memory ?

In D4 all work good.
I'm sure 'ShareMem' is the first uses unit of all Dll and Project.

Thanks for any help....