ANN: CompDiff 1.1 for Delphi 6 and 7 - FREE

CompDiff 1.1 is now available for Delphi 6 and 7.

CompDiff is a Diff tool for VCL components.  It integrates with the IDE and
allows you to compare the properties of two components (of the same type of
of different types) at design-time.

New in this release:
* The CompDiff window is now a fully Qualified IDE window.  CompDiff has
always docked with other IDE windows, but it now saves its position to
project desktops and does what you have come to expect from your Delphi

* We've finally included an installer, so installation is as painless as
telling CompDiff which version(s) of Delphi you use.  The installer takes
care of the rest.

We've also updated the web site to allow for better customer service.
Foolproof downloads and fast delivery are finally a reality.

As always, CompDiff is FREE

Visit the URL below for more information and screenshots.

Jacob Thurman
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