Still no solution. HELP!!!

Can anyone provide me some code to get this component to work? I loaded it
into Delphi 4 and tried to get the users of my domain, but i got: . I didn't
fill out my server though (I should be possible because the component should
find it out itself). The way I ran it was from my NT workstation which was
logged on to my NT-Domain. And I had administrator rights. On my form I had
three components: a button, a memo list and an Edit. Later on I also tried
fill out the server in the Edit box, but still no reaction.

The code behind the button:

procedure TForm1.Btn_FillMemo_UsersClick(Sender: TObject);
     NetUserComponent.Server := Edt_Server.Text;
     If NetUserComponent.GetUserList Then
        Memo.Lines := NetUserComponent.List
         ShowMessage('Loopt nog altijd niet...');

I am quite desperate, please provide some help with code. If somebody knows
how to do it without this component would be even better.