idMessage File size and Indy 8.1

I am forwarding the mails from the SMTP server to a different server via
SMTP Client. So before sending the mail I want to know the size of the file
Actually I want to put restrictions reg. size of the mail.


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> > 1. Before sending the mail from the SMTP Server how can I get the mail
> size.
> > I am using Winshoes SMTP server.

> I'm assuming you want to retreive a message from a mail server.  Use
> TIdPOP3.  The POP3 protocol has the type of commands you're looking for.
> SMTP does not; it deals with with mail transfer and forwarding, and not
> mailbox management.

> The TIdPOP3 client has:

> CheckMessages to get the number of messages in the mailbox.
> RetrieveMailBoxSize to get the size of all messages in the mailbox.
> RetrieveMsgSize to get the size of a specific message.

> The TIdPOP3Server in Indy 8.1 will use event handlers to respond to these
> commands.

> > 2. Where can I get the Indy 8.1 version

> Join the 8.1 Public Indy Development Team at

> hth...

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