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Transaction erro - Access 97

Hi !

I have the code :

Procedure AfterPost;

     With Qry_1

                     Qry_2.sql.Add('update tabela2 ........');


 the error is showing message " Confirm or undo a transaction before user
Begin trans."

Access 97 and Delphi 5.0


Re:Transaction erro - Access 97

  I'm not sure, but could the problem be that you call Qry_2.Close while in
the transaction?  Just to check, I'd try moving it to before
StartTransaction.  I prefer to Close my queries immediately after use, not
immediately before their next use.  Calling Close just before using the
query again is just a safety to make sure the query is not already open.
Not the best design, in my book.  Let me know if moving it outside the
transaction helps, ok?

Re:Transaction erro - Access 97

Eu tenho um problema similar, ocorrendo ao executar um raise numa transa??o.
A partir deste momento ao executar a query pela segunda vez ocorre: acc0parm
not exist.

 I have a similar problem, happening when executing a raise in a
 Starting from this moment when executing the query for the second time
happens: acc0parm not exist.

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