Delphi 6, COM +, Failed Registration, Cannot Debug

I extensively used MTS objects in Delphi 5 but am having some issues
in Delphi 6 and COM+.  I am using Windows 2000.  First, when I try to
install the components using the "Run|Install COM+ Objects" I get an
error message saying "Errors occurred accessing one or more objects -
the ErrorInfo collection may have more detail".  Delphi then proceeds
to give me the "Install COM+ Objects" dialog box.  All of my
components show up and I can check and install them in applications
without issue... well I am not sure they actually get installed, but
there are no further errors.

When I just drag and drop the components into the same COM+
application they are all registed fine.  In fact, the components from
one DLL work fine when I test them.  The problem is another DLL with a
component that does not work... which leads to the second issue: I
cannot debug these components.  I have the run parameters set up for
dllhost and the package guid.  And when I use the run option from
Delphi, it acts like it did in Delphi 5, meaning the run option
becomes disabled.  However, it just never hits any breakpoints I set.

Any suggestions?