Please Please, help me with memo-fields, real problem

Hi all,

does anyone has an idea, or knows the problem, i ran into 3 days ago:

I attach to a IBM DB2 via ODBC and dedined there some fileds for longer
strings, one as a CLOB, one as a Varchar and one as a long Varchar.

Conntecting to this Database, I do not see the filed, defined as a clob
at all in the fieldlist of a db-edit-component. I see the varchar and
the long varchar, and I can add them to the form and run the prog, but
when I enter some data into the field and run a table.ApplyUpdates, it
comes up with a General-SQL-Error and the changes are not stored in the

Does anyone know, what I did wrong, how I can implement such stored
Memofields, which Datatypes I have to use on the DB2 with which
settings, to get access to it via delphi, or which components in which
way are working? Please help, the whole project is depending on this, I
need it for some 11.000 addresses.....

thank's in advance, Alex

PS. Please reply also direkt to my mail-addr.