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Corrupt D4 Symbol File


I've just installed Delphi 4 onto NT, with no problems except that the icons
on the top of the screen are all weird. e.g Button now looks like a blue
tick with 'VS' above it, and Label looks like a page out of a calendar, with
the number 21 on it. What's going on? The D4 installation works fine on my
W95, but somehow my NT doesn't like the symbols. Any ideas?

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Re:Corrupt D4 Symbol File

The reason for this is your graphic card. I also have this problem with D4
and until now I haven't solved it. It depends on the graphic card and, of
course, on the driver.
I haven't known until know that this also happens under WinNT. I have Win98
and there are these problems too.

Stefan P.

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