Hi, I am using an Ole server I wrote in 16 bit VB.
I have Functions declared in the ole server that do
not receive any parameters and return an integer.
I can call this OLE server from 16 or 32 bit VB
without any problems.  In delphi (5) I go to import
type librairy, I select my ole server and then I install
it.  Then when I add the OLEServer to my project,
I can get the list of functions available.  However,
the functions which do not require to be passed any
parameters expect to receive a smallint.  ex:
oleGetRWDErr : Function(var param1: smallint)
Then when I call the function passing a smallint, I
get an illegal operation.  Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated!

David Labbe
"Work for a living, Play for a life"