TListColumn Width problem

The Delphi 6 help files say that if I set the Width property of a TListColumn to -1
the column will automatically be resized to fit the width of the text in the column.
This is true and works fine.

The help file goes on to say that after the column is automatically resized, the
value of the Width property will now be the actual width of the column.  This is not
happening.  It stays as -1.

What I'm trying to do is autosize the columns in a listview and then verify if the
newly sized columns fall outside of a user-defined min-max range.

procedure TfrmViewer.SetColWidths();
  zz: Integer;
  cc: TListColumn;
  for zz := 0 to (Lv1.Columns.Count-1) do
         cc := Lv1.Column[zz];
         // Auto size column
         cc.Width := -1;
         // Check if too small
         if (cc.Width < minColWidth) then cc.Width := minColWidth;
         // Check if too big
         if (cc.Width > maxColWidth) then cc.Width := maxColWidth;

I've tried using the min/max properties of the Listcolumn as well, but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Delphi 6 Pro (SP2) on W2K (SP2)

K. Powick