Good news for Delphi/C++Builder developers

Hello All!

    We are proud to announce the abfUnlimited product! This is a full
version of the ABF Visual Components Library. The abfUnlimited product now
contains all available abfXXX products and will be filled up when new
products will come out. New products can increase the price, but all our
registered customers will receive upgrades free of charge!

    Added new component to the abfComponents freeware product: TabfShutdown
useful to perform PowerOff, Shutdown, Reboot, LogOff, Suspend or Hibernate

    Added new features to TabfStatusBar and TabfStatusBarInserter components
of the abfStatusBars product.

    We begin a summer sale! Now you can buy a full version of abfComboBoxes
for $49 (Old price was $69). This offer is actual during the August only!

With Best Wishes,
ABF software, Inc.