BDE 5.11 Merge Module - Merge Error

I am including the BDE 5.11 Merge Module in an InstallShield Express
3.03 project. On some of my test systems, when I try to install over
an existing BDE installation, I get the following warning message,
titled Merge Error:

"Unable to merge new configuration.
 Use BDE Administrator to merge your new configuration."

The error occurs at the tail end of the Setup Progress.

This error seems to occurs whenever the BDE configuration file is not
set to the IDAPI32.CFG filename in the default location (Borland
Shared\BDE). On all my test systems, the BDE Administrator works
correctly, even when the config file is not set to the default name or
location. The registry correctly matches whatever config file is in

When this error occurs, the following things happen:
* A config file named IDAPI.CFG is created in Program Files\Common
Files\Borland Shared\BDE.
* The CONFIGFILE01 registry entry is changed to Program Files\Common
Files\Borland Shared\BDE\IDAPI.CFG
* The BDE Aministrator still works correctly, only now it is using the
IDAPI.CFG file as set in the registry.

I can make this error go away on the affected systems by setting the
config file to IDAPI32.CFG, in the Borland Shared\BDE folder, prior to
running the installation

Is this a bug in the Merge Module, or something that I am setting up

--- Jim Shawver
BCC Software, Inc.