Database application crashes when running off a Novell or NT server

I've spent the last several months designing an application for our
Payroll department and was finally ready to install it on their server
last night.

These are the steps I took in installing it on their network... and what
went wrong:

Everything was designed on my PC using aliases pointing to dBase-type
tables on my PC.
Since I was using BDE3.5, I decided to install that version on each of
the workstations. That went off without a hitch and I proceeded to
create aliases which pointed to a directory on their server. I then
copied over the all the tables and the executable.

All workstations are Win95 machines and I placed a shortcut to the
application on their desktops. When I launched the application,
everything looked fine. I tried a custom query tool and it looked good.
Then I opened up the cheque printing form and proceeded to fill in some
info. The cheque printing form consists of 6 table components and 6
datasource components.

One groupbox consists of 10 DBEdit components and a few buttons to add a
new record or delete the current record, etc. I could add only one
record before I get the famous "This program has performed an illegal
operation and will be shut down" message from hell.

For the life of me, I can't figure out what the problem is.

When I run the program from the IDE, I get something like: "access
violation at 0x4de3ab31: read of address 0x388b5708  83 3A 00 74 63 E8
1C 77 00 00 64 8B"

Any help would be greatly appreciated.