Free: Make 3D scan from real object to virtual object

---------------------------------------------------------------------- This message is being brought to you by Dynamic Mail - the easier and faster's way to explodes your business on the internet. For more information please visit our web site at : ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The CAD industry is a very delicate industry.
Everything has to be precies sometimes as precise as a 10th or 1/100 of a mm.
This is iin some case impossible to do with a computer cad program.

Companies that have these problems for instance people in the designing industry have to make everything perfect.
 For them is it impossible and  much to time costly to use a computer fo this purpose.

Well I have got the best thing for you.

It is an machine developed in Denmark.
There is still only one prototype of it.
 It is a laser wich can scan any object and make it into a dxf format file.

Of course you can see that this machine has unlimited possiblities to use it.

We offer now, 'cause we still have to refine and test it, a free use of the machine.
The only thing you have to pay are the transportation of the object you want to scan to send to Denmark.

It has an accuracy of about 1/10 mm but if the machine is ajusted just right it cen be even more accurate.
In the future we expect it to be as accurate as 1/100 of a mm.

Of course the objects cannot be very large. If they are they must scanned in a couple of times.
Of course this is no problem.

It can save tens of thousands of dollars because else someone had to make it with the computer which is impossible to do with a precision of a 10th mm.

The speed of this machine is incredible of course you can control this but it can be done in 5 minutes. Of course the scan will be better if you let it take more time to scan.

Please remail this message for more information. Please tell me what kind of object you want to use it with etc. If you want to make use of the testing we will bring you in contact with the developer of the 3D laser.

When you remail lthis message please answer the following questions.

Thank you

- If this machine was brought to the market what would you be willing to pay for it?

$10.000 - $20.000
$20.000 - $30.000
$30.000 - $40.000
$40.000 - $50.000
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- What would you use it for and what do you think it can be used for?

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Ruben Daniels