Programming with Microsoft Exchange


We've been asked to do a fax server that should interface with Exchange, but
don't have any prior experience with it - we have the fax client done. So,
we'd like some input on what we should do, i.e. if there are some components
that are already built for communicating with Exchange, either for Delphi or
some ActiveX/DLL.

The things we're expected to do on the server:
 - Get mails from Exchange and send them as faxes
 - Put received faxes into Exchange for delivery to users

If you've got any kind of information, please reply by Email - we're not
monitoring the newsgroups regularly enough :(

Also, if anyone has done this kind of thing before, have existing code that
could be easily adapted to our needs - don't hesitate to contact us with an

Best regards,
   Christian Tiberg, MegaComm