Sound in Windows '95

Hello all!,

I'm a student doing my final project on computer science at a research
laboratory for voice and speech. Me and my companion are developing a
program which is able to gain sound signals, raw sound, EEG signals etc.
from a taperecorder. The program should also be able to play the raw signal
via the SoundBlaster card wich is in the computer.

We want to know if there is some kind of function to do this in Windows
'95. There should be a way to access the default sound device we assume. We
are using Delphi 2.0 and lots of you out there would say, use the Delphi
Mediaplayer, but the Mediaplayer is only able to play sound via .wav files
(we think).

Is there anyone who can tell us how to do this in Windows '95 or someone
who already did this in Pascal for Windows or C for Windows, or someone who
has a DLL which does the trick or...

Any information on playing sound in Windows is welcome,

with kind regards,


 Reinier Wieringa
 Voice Research Lab.
 The Netherlands