ADO/SQLServer slowing down in my activex server

I have build an activeX dll with an automation server which uses ADO
(ADOExpress) to access MS SQL Server 7 databases. For each call to the dll I
pass the connectionstring which the dll should use (it has to work with more
than one database at a time). I am calling the activex dll from an isapi

It works, but opening recordsets gets _very_ slow after a few calls to the
dll. I have been watching the amount of user connections in the database, to
see if there is a problem. But it looks ok, so I guess the connection
pooling is working ok. I am always closing and freeing the ado components in
the dll. I am using client-side cursors.

After a few minutes the activex dll gets more responsive again, but after a
few new calls it slows down again.

I still have a feeling it has to do with connection handing, because I am
working with passed connection strings instead of 'fixed' adoconnections.

If anyone has experience with using ADOExpress in an axtivex automation
server and has an idea what this problem could be, please let me know.


- Ed

Ed Sonneveld
SunBase IT Projects