MDI Menu Merge problem (bug reappearance in D5?)

There used to be a bug in Delphi (fixed by version 4.03) where a maximized
MDI child has a menu merged into the MDI form's menu.  If the top level of
the MDI child's menu changes, the caption buttons (the icon and the restore,
minimize, and close buttons) disappear.  In order to restore the caption
buttons, I must somehow restore the MDI child (by issuing Cascade or Tile)
and remaximize it to get them back.  I do not get this behavior in D4.03,
but it appears to have reappeared in D5 (build 5.62), although Borland
claims to have fixed it in their latest D5 bug report.  I have replicated
this problem in a simpler program also.  Anyone else getting this problem?
Any workarounds?