Word '97 and Word Viewer as OLE Container Servers

I am writing a document management/automation application in which I would
like to use the OLE container component for the following:

1.  Viewing Word Documents (1st page only, image cache)
//This would quickly show the end user what the document is by looking at
the first page.

2.  Viewing Word Documents (Full document, thumbing through pages quickly,
no editing-- i.e. Word Viewer)
//This would allow the end user to inspect the document in full without
annotating, as would be if the document has been finalized.

3.  OLE Automation w/Word '97 (document creation/modification, no end user
editing...Saving to File...Insert Embedded Object From File for refreshed
viewing (see 1 & 2)
//This will allow the end user to create or modify a document with my macro
in a predefined way and then view the result, adhering to a strict
formatting and not allowing the end user to casually tamper with the strict

4.  In place activation w/Word '97.
// If the end user is working on a draft document in which I am not
tracking any strict formatting of the document then I want them to be able
have complete access to Word within my application.

Number 1 and 4 are very easily accomplished.  When I installed the word
viewer on my system which previously contained a copy of Word '97 it made
me choose between Word and Word Viewer as an OLE Server.  Can Word and Word
Viewer co-exist as an OLE server on a single system?  I like the leanness
and speed of Word Viewer.

Doing what I have described above is what to my understanding is what was
promised with OLE, do I still have to wait for this or is there a way of
doing this today?
Where do you want to go today?

Tom Haughton