Exporting QR2 to Excel File

I tried to do this also
I found that the exports contained the page headers, titles etc.
I found it easier to do something like this
while not table1.eof do

It was also much faster to do this.
Excell does want either tab elimited or comma delimited, comma is easier.

Ned Hojnacki <bla...@erols.com> wrote in article

> I want to export QR2 reports to an excel spreadsheet file.  I know this
> is possible via the TQRExportFilter Class.  I would like to see example
> code to show how to create my own custom export filter.  If anyone has
> written such a filter, or if you can point me to some documentation to
> show how this is accomplished, that is what I am looking for.

> Thanks in Advance
> Ned Hojnacki
> Programmer/Analyst