Help Builder - G Help 1.1

 G Help helps developers and users write help documents easily with
only a couple of mouse clicks. Considering that it takes several weeks
for application developers and users to write help document,
G Help dramatically saves your precious time in writing help document
upto only several minutes.


  * Provides more enhanced packaing functions.

     - You can change the icon in the G Help window title as
       we you wish.
     - You can put your logo image for your software of company
       in the "About" dialogbox of packaged G Help.
     - Help Viewer is provided for whom does not want to include
       "Help on G Help".

2. Feature

 * Generating Help automatically

G Help contains system that generates Help contents, index and search
data automatically by analyzing HTML document, therefore you always use
HTML document extracted from web and PC as Help in G Help.

 * Online Help interface for application

G Help contain online Help interface that provides online Help for
any application easily.

 * Authorizing Help

G Help contains user interface that inserts, deletes and modifies
generated Help freely.

 * A planing Help system, Planner

G Help contains a planner, Planing Help system that helps you to plan
and write out the structure of Help document.

 * The analysis of user's interest

G Help shows you more exact Help by generating Help and searching after
it examines and remembers that you use Help.

 * Web-publishing system

G Help contains Web-publishing system that helps you to publish at
Web site easily.

 * Web Crawler System

 G Help can use any type of HTML documents as help system. You can
convert any information spread over the Web sites into your help system.

For questions about G Help and how to use G Help,
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