gvsg2102.zip - Graphics Vision & Tools 2.10: MKM's graphic TV

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gvsg2102.zip    Graphics Vision & Tools 2.10: MKM's graphic TV

Graphics Vision is MKM's graphic re-implementation of Turbo Vision 2.0
for Borland/Turbo Pascal 7.  GV is not one of these text-in-graphics
emulations.  GV is entirely pixel-oriented and has a Windows look and
feel.  The object hierarchy is compatible with Turbo Vision 2.0, thus
TV programs will easily convert to Graphics Vision applications.

The essentially new feature in version 2.10 is the modern visibility
kernel.  Partially hidden objects are appropriately cut into pieces and
drawn by efficient buffering methods.  Event transparent objects are now
supported, that is, there is no limitation to rectangularly shaped

Graphics Vision supports Turbo-Vision-style resources, of course.  Yet
more important for your projects is its brand-new Windows resource
integration.  You can now visually design complete applications in
Borland's Resource Workshop.  Supported are dialogs (including BWCC
style), menus, palette hierarchies, accelerator keys, icons, strings
and bitmaps.  If you need to convert large Turbo-Vision applications,
Graphics Vision has a new feature for you: An efficient TV emulation
lets you integrate complete TV views or windows into a GV application.
This turns your application into a running GV application, which can
then be improved using native GV objects.  The object-oriented font
manager supports many types of modern fonts, including fast Windows
bitmapped fonts and high-quality scalable TrueType fonts.

GV applications easily translate into foreign languages.  The Language
Compiler combines system texts with your application's texts and compiles
them into a language resource.  Documentation is provided as ASCII files
and TPH (registered version only), but currently only in German.

Special requirements: None.

Changes: Additional features added. Bugs removed. Now works with Windows95.
New visual extensions. Student registration prices available.

gvsg2102.zip has replaced gvsg210.zip.

Shareware.  Uploaded by the author.

Matthias Koeppe
CIS: 100331,174