Ann: Intranetserver EG_SerV50v3 built 29.11.2000

You need a intranet server, you need ideas to built your own, it's running.
Pop3, smtp with senderadressverification and IP verification, time, chat,
nntpmirror and intranet nntpserver,
unlimited internal users, unlimited rasconnections,
separat rasdial for separat httpproxy like sambar.
One modem or isdn card for a net.

The ready exe you will find on my homepage under 'freie Software'
(freeware) -> V50,
the delphi project for server you will find under 'Delphi'.
Do with it what you want. Use it as is, use it to modify. Its free.

Now built 29.11 ready. More smtp security in Intranet.
***** faxserver, one analog modem for a net ***.
The Faxsender and the Fax client / printer (Sorry printer only for W9x),
you find in download page. (ask me for project files, its built with
async prof. 2.5).

join to get news, tell me errors or good

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