Problems with Delphi 5 and Adaptive Server Anywhere 7.0 OLE DB provider


Recently the company in which I'm employeed purchased Adaptive Server
Anywhere 7.0. I was thrilled to see that it finally has native OLE DB
provider. This is because we developed a software in delphi 5 which
used MSDASQL provider with Sybase Anywhere 5.5. So we tried to migrate
database and app. DB migration went ok, but there was (and is) a
problem with this new provider (ASAPROV). If I try to open table I
Allways get 'Unspecified error' exception. I can only open table with
open type set to TableDirect. Everything else will fail. If I use
MSDASQL provider everything works fine... But I tried to do similar
thing using raw API and ADO in C++, and it works fine with both
providers. So the problem is in Delphi. I have Delphi 5 Enterprise,
Update Pack 1 and ADOExpress2 update. Any ideas? Hints?