Different Charsets

Im usind D3 with Interbase 4.1 for Win Nt, through a 95 machine with
DBE 4.51. I have a problem hard to solve here, I sicerally expect that
not so hard.

I have two .GDB files. One with default charset set to none and other
set to ISO 8859_1. The problem is when I use a TBatchMove or a pascal
routine to get a record from one .gdb to onother the error:
Cannot Transliterate between charactersets occurs.

Reading other articles from this newsgroup I found that this error could

be solved by changing the languege drv of my SQL link do ASCII ANSI or
some thing like ANSI PT. This problem occurs in german databases and
portuguese too. Each .gdb is accessible, but I cant access both at the
same time, not without the error.

There is another way to make solve this, maybe a Interbase or ISQL
The problem is that I cant delete one database and make another, but I
want to add records from one to the other.

Whats wrong ?


Nilo Menezes