Slow MS SQL in 32-bit Delphi

What would be REALLY useful is a MS SQL Server dblib drop-in replacement for the BDE that therefore preserves data awareness. Does ANYONE know of such a thing? Could Borland be persuaded to release something of that sort?

Quote (SRGarratt) writes:
>You might have seen my id associated with a number of posts {*word*75}ing about
>MS SQL server -> Delphi 2.0.

>I and my team did a couple commercial 16 bit D1.2 apps. We worked around
>Normailization, index optimization, Query optimization, Locking related
>Optimizing Stored Procedures etc etc and ended up with a 16 bit Delphi app
> which has turned out to be a big succe$$ story for me, and the Company
>I work for. The performance is as good as or better than anything else I
> worked with, and is way better than ODBC by far.
>The only think that beats the hell out of both ODBC and BDE
>is some batch apps we wrote using DBLIB/C++ which are 2 orders of
>magnitude faster than anything possible with ODBC or BDE, which is

>The problem is that a straight recompile of the D1.2 apps into d2.0 have
>a sluggish app which in not usable. I know its not the Database, as it
>fine in D1.2. I know its not the App for the same reason. So it has to be
>"new" 32 bit BDE drivers written specifically for MSSQL.

>I have been told that I should try using multiple TDatabase objects (in
>D1.2 and D2.0)
>to improve performance, and will try that, and I am monitoring BORLAND for
>aknowledgments or suggestions related to this serious problem.